New Drone Tailored to Hgh-End Professional Aerial Purposes

By | May 30, 2017

Utilizing sophisticated drones, or quad-copters, for shooting still photographs and video is not exactly new, but recent advances over the past few years have made the practice easier, clearer, and more creative. The latest model drone, the DJI Inspire 1 Pro, includes a Zenmuse X5 4K camera and is designed to create crisp still photographs, as well as advanced cinematography, suitable for commercial release. A recent drone review of the dji inspire 1 pro highlighted the functions and features of this high-end professional tool.

This particular drone is built for stability and speed. It can capture thirty frames per second, and has a battery life of fifteen to eighteen minutes, depending on the type of battery used. The camera is mounted on a 3-axis gimbal for increased stability. It also has a point of interest feature that the professional can use to select a particular location of point of focus. Once set, the camera will remain fixed on that point. 360 degree capabilities allows the camera to focus on a specific point while the motor keeps the drone in place.

Other features are included to allow the user to concentrate completely on filming or taking still shots. Footage from the camera, for example, can be streamed live to a monitor to eliminate attempting blind shots. There is little to no lag time between what is being filmed and what is seen on screen, so the perfect shots are taken every time. There is a DJI GO application that allows focusing to be altered remotely by the photographer or videographer. Contrast can be sharpened to make stills crisp and clean; images can be highlighted by making the background muted; and moving shots can be focused quickly and accurately.

A course lock feature eliminates the need for the user to constantly navigate the drone. A course can be set prior to launch so the only focus is the filming, the live event, or the images to be photographed. Retractable carbon fiber arms means they are never part of the shot. The arms also act as the landing gear for the drone, so retraction is completed while the drone is at cruising altitude. This drone is definitely an investment, but and the advanced and streamlined technology, the ease of use, and the higher quality results justifies the cost.