The Numerous Benefits of Custom Lanyards

By | July 6, 2017

Anyone who works in a corporate setting, hospital, or event security has noticed lanyards are quite common. However, the benefits may not be clear to some users. Below, customers can learn how to use some solutions, like custom lanyards, to grow their businesses.

Easier Identification

Lanyards have many uses, but their primary function is to hold identification cards and security badges. It’s easy to customize the branding, feel, and look of these lanyards, which makes them ideal for sports teams and schools, as well as one-time events like conventions and seminars.

Low Cost

Customized lanyards can be bought in small runs or in bulk at very reasonable rates. From there, they can be reused repeatedly. This makes them great for single use or as part of an employee’s everyday workwear.

Greater Visibility

Lanyards are a popular promotional tool because they’re so visible. Now, they’re almost as prevalent in the office as a suit and tie. With the range of color and design options, as well as the ability to imprint them with custom fonts, logos, colors, and brand messaging, it’s easy to see why they’re so popular.

Easy Use

Lanyards are simple to use, and almost anyone can wear one. Their ease of use makes them an ideal choice for every setting from elementary schools to the highest levels of the bureaucratic and corporate worlds. Because they don’t have to be clipped or pinned on, they can be used daily without wearing out.

Making an Impression

Custom lanyards are a great opportunity for brands to express their reputation, style, and professionalism. Use the company’s graphics, logo, colors and messaging to put the brand in front of customers, guests, visitors, and vendors.

A Variety of Uses

A custom lanyard is good for much more than holding an ID card. They’re a great way to hold an access card or keyring, and they’re an ideal branding method as well. With lanyards, users can easily keep track of things like keys, pens, and USB drives.

There are many benefits of customized lanyards, and some of them are shown here. For more information or to place an order, call or click today.